Rochester Leadership

Rochester Honor Flight is a Member of the National Honor Flight Network

Board of Directors

Peter Glennon- Chairman, Co-Founder & Legal Counsel
Rich Stewart- President & CEO
Frank Vavrick-Treasurer

Functional Area Management

Events Coordinator- Mary Gavigan
Mission Operations Director- Eric Young
Mission Staffing Director- Bruce Philpott
Purchasing Coordinator- Morrey Goldman
Safety Coordinator- Jen Everett
Secretary/Accounts Payables- Dave Timmons**
Travel Planner- Tracy Williams
Treasurer- Frank Vavrick **
President/CEO- Rich Stewart **
Volunteer Resource Committee Coordinator- Randy Prader
** Indicates an Officer

Functional Areas (Alphabetical by Title)

Advance Team/Mission Supplies and Lunch- Bob Henry
Backpacks- Jean Kelly
Chaplain- Reverend McKnight
Data Systems Support- George O’Gara
Departures- Elmer Brown, Lisa Larkins, Nicole Brown
Donations/Mail Coordinator- Tammy Roberts
Events Coordinator- Mary Gavigan
Facebook Administrator- Heather Henry
IT Database & System Coordinator- Karen Zilora
Living History- Cindy Rickett
Mission Operations Director- Eric Young
Mission Staffing Director- Bruce Philpott
Mission Safety Equipment- John Peckham
Newsletter- Alicia Stoklosa, Lee Begy
Newsletter Graphic Design- Jill Yanus
Newsletter Veterans Salute Writer- Chuck DeRoller
Name Tags/Printing/Copying- Lynette Cox
Photography Coordinator- Frances McCabe
Photo Mission Books- Chris Reddy
President/CEO- Rich Stewart **
Purchasing Coordinator- Morrey Goldman
Quartermaster Merchandise- Sally Mustaca
RegistrarMary Ellen Brooks
Safety Coordinator- Jen Everett
Safety Coordinator Back-up- Bob Wesley
School Liaison/Mail Call- Toni Stevens-Oliver
Secretary/Accounts Payable- Dave Timmons **
Speakers Bureau Coordinator- Steve Wendell
Survey Monkey- Margaret Walsh
Travel Planner- Tracy Williams
Treasurer- Frank Vavrick **
Volunteer Resource Committee (VRC) Coordinator- Randy Prader
VRC Volunteer Mailbox-Elmer Brown, Randy Prader, Marie Wright
VRC Committee Support- Elmer Brown
Volunteer Events Leader- Jean Kelly, Mary Beauchamp
Volunteer Orientation- Karen Zilora, Kevin Prinzing
Veteran Mailings- Donna Prader, Steve Wendell, Randy Prader
Veteran Visits/Book Delivery- Oksana Robinson
Veteran Visits/Book Delivery Members- Steve Mumby, Tom Lee
Veteran Volunteer Liaison- Morrey Goldman
Veteran Calling Coordinator- Tracey Reiter
Veteran Safety Advisory Council- Laura Johnson, Carole Ann Lee, Jen Everett
Welcome Home Community Celebration Liaison- Cindy Baker
Welcome Home Coordinator- Pat Mason
Welcome Home Veteran Not Flying Coordinator- Mary Beauchamp
Welcome Home Volunteer Assistant- Amber Johnson
Welcome Home Celebration Support for Dignitaries- Marsha Lempert
WH Celebration Support Assts- Lee Begy, Heather Henry, Tom McCarthy
WH Celebration Support Assts (cont’d)- Janice Perri
Welcome Home Merchandise- Marianne Peckham
Wheelchairs- John Zink

HF Dolls- Amy Mooney


Unfortunately veterans cannot choose what flight they will travel on due to medical and logistic issues associated with the flight process. We also encourage veterans from the Syracuse and Buffalo area's to visit and register with their local Honor Flight hubs before registering with Rochester Honor Flight.